Improve Your Pottery Craft

Working to Improve Skills


The world has become an exhilarating place where ideas and skills are shared, and the internet has been a driving force in this excitement. Online classes and videos have revolutionized the way we learn, but some skills need a bit more than classes if improvement is the goal. Practice is one of the best ways to improve a skill, and pottery fits right into this learning niche.

Some potters have their own workshop, wheel and kiln, so they have plenty of access to their hobby or craft. Those that do not have a place to work must often take classes, but these can be expensive. The price of wheels has come down, and most pottery shops sell clay to be used at other locations. Even without their own wheel, pottery clay can be shaped and molded if practicing skills is the goal. Just working the clay by hand is good exercise, and it will strengthen muscles needed for fine work.

Kilns come in all sizes, and small ones are available for dedicated hobbyists or crafters who work with small clay pieces. Those who would rather not develop the skills to run a kiln can always have their firings done in batches at a local shop, and even those who need a larger kiln for their work can generally find a shop that can add their piece to a scheduled firing.

Working clay takes strong muscles in the hands and arms, and many potters have found that regular practice keeps their muscles in shape. If they take long breaks from working clay, they may find it difficult to get into it again without practice. Even just a few minutes a day will keep skills current, and it will ensure that the muscles used keep their tone until the next big project.