Improve Your Pottery Craft

Teaching a Ceramics Class


If you have been creating ceramic pieces for a long period of time, maybe it is time to start sharing your experience and knowledge with other ceramic lovers. To ensure yourself of a successful ceramics class there are multiple steps to take before starting your first class. The teaching part of the class will be the easiest task on your list as you already know all the basics to creating ceramic crafts and how to use all of the tools safely and efficiently. Be sure to take into consideration all of the steps listed below.

Step 1 - Create separate work stations for your guests. By allowing your classmates to have their own work station, you are making their first time experience easier than what it would be if they were crowded at a table with multiple classmates. Working in your own area helps with concentration and the availability to create larger pieces.

Step 2 - Inventory. Having enough tools and supplies for your class is they key to being a successful teacher. The most important part in this step to remember is that is better to have more than none. As we all make mistakes from time to time, it is ideal to have extra supplies in case of an accident.

Step 3 - Make a Plan. Even though the thought of teaching a class sounds along the lines of easy, it is safer to create a class outline instead of going into your first session blind. By creating a small class syllabus on what the class will learn every week you will be able to avoid confusion and a disaster.

Step 4 - Organization. Step 4 speaks for itself as organization is the key to surviving in life. When an adult pays for any class, they expect to have nothing but the best. That includes having their teacher know where all the tools are when asked for and to have the classroom in tip top shape for every class.

Watch a video of children making vessels without a pottery wheel: