Improve Your Pottery Craft

Learning Pottery Skills Online


The world has changed with the advent of the internet. Nearly everything people used to learn by taking classes, they can now find online. This includes advanced techniques in pottery. Many artists showcase their work by making videos to show how they create their pottery pieces. They then upload the videos to share with the world. This helps them get their name known, and it helps those who are looking for different ways to create.

Learning from online videos is one way for a potter who has learned the basics to continue their education. Classes can be expensive and may not always fit into a person’s schedule. Online videos of techniques offer a free way to learn without worrying about finding time each week to attend a physical class. It also offers a broader range of styles and techniques to study. Many artists who teach specialize in a few styles. Videos on the internet are by many different artists. That means being able to see a wide range of styles.

There are a few drawbacks to watching videos on the internet when learning a craft. When a student has a question, there is no guarantee they will be able to contact the artist who made the video. Even if a comment is answered, the student may not fully understand. This is one reason traditional classroom settings are still offered. Students there have the ability to ask questions and get answers quickly. If they are experiencing difficulties with a particular style, an on-site teacher can see their work and point out where they need to make changes.

For learning about different methods of working clay and decorating, the internet offers pottery artists a wealth of opportunity. They can see innovations that have been tested by accomplished artists. They can also view time-tested methods that experienced artists are willing to share. There is a collaborative world online for those who want to learn more about pottery.