Glass Decorating as a Family Hobby

Whenever a family does art and craft projects together, they become closer. Adults experience a rebirth of their creative potential and pass it on to their children. Young children accept this creativity as a normal part of life and carry it through adulthood. One of the best benefits of sharing a craft project is the making of good family memories. These memories will be cherished for a lifetime. If they are passed on to succeeding generations, the continuity of family life becomes even richer.

Pottery making is a wonderful craft to draw families together. Making an entire set of dishes for the extended family to use is a wonderful idea. It gives each member a chance to learn a new skill while being creative. The making of pottery can be done by people of all ages and includes small children and elderly grandparents. After creating an entire set of dishes, the family table becomes a more welcome place to hold memorable dinners.

Plates and bowls are not the only item for the family table. Glasses to hold milk or soda are an important part of the place settings. Children, especially younger ones, do better with clear glasses. They are able to see the amount of liquid as they learn to navigate the hazards of eating and drinking without spilling. Decorating a set of glasses for the family table can be another craft project that unites the family even more.

Modern paints are formulated for many different uses. Acrylic enamel paints are perfect for decorating glassware and are sold in hobby shops. Preparing the glasses is as simple as washing them thoroughly and making sure they are completely dried before painting begins. Each member of the family can choose their own colours and unique style to decorate their personal glass for the family table.