Improve Your Pottery Craft

Creative New Careers


When people retire, they are often tired of the work they did for years to survive or provide for their family. They may have little energy at first, but exploring new options could revive them considerably. Some of these people will take up arts or crafts to fill their empty hours, and they may find a new career in their creativity. Pottery is uniquely suited to this scenario, and it offers a wide variety of ways to enjoy a new lifestyle.

Not all people will be able to successfully master the combination of form, function and decoration required to be a pottery artists, but there are always those few who will find a new life in this artistic venue. They may find they are energized by creation, and they have a natural eye for what works. Some of them will find joy in creating original new pieces, but others will choose the selling end of this ancient but exciting craft.

Creating pottery pieces is not easy, and the artist must be willing to exercise patience as well as creativity to succeed. While few people think of selling pottery as a creative lifestyle, there are those who would rather help people find the pieces they seek. They enjoy the contact they have with customers, and they find special pleasure in presenting original works of art to their clients. They are willing to invest their creative energy in a different way, and they find it just as invigorating to make a good sale as the artist did in creating the piece.

Beginning a new career later in life is not for everyone, but it is one way to find joy in the arts after retirement. For those who had a career that was not particularly satisfying, they may find new life and energy in the transition to a career they never planned.